A Kiss for Gabriela – Documentary of Gabriela Leite, a sex worker activist

I have always wanted to see this film,

this is a film about a sex worker activist call Gabriela Leite, she was from Brazil. She began her activism through her experiences as sex workers, along the way she deconstructed many stereotypes and stigmas on the profession, she also worked very very hard to help sex workers to gain the equality they deserved as a citizen.

Davida the NGO found by her was positioned as a bridge of communication between government; society and sex workers. As NGO that support sex workers received equal amount of stigma-led discrimination from government and little recognition from public, they set up a clothing line – Dasqu. The line enabled them to sustain financially, since their position in the society gave them difficulty to sustain financially through funding, solely.

Eventually the possibility of decriminalization began to be visible in Brazil, as Jean Wyllys (PSOL) the Federal Deputy proposed a law in 2012. The law aimed to make clear distinctions between sexual exploitation and voluntary prostitution, it also hoped to decriminalize sex work and give it the legal work status. Despite the outcome unknown from what I can find (as most written in Portuguese), I do hope that other countries will spare time to look at this – along with Merseyside Model for the sake of women who voluntarily decided to become sex workers and give them the adequate safety and rights that they deserved always.


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