Dissertation & University

Dissertation & University

At 25th April, I handed in my dissertation within an hour and a half.

Despite the fact I have to write three essays then, I felt a strong sense of relief – not just the end is on the way, but also the bondage that has been on me ever since I grown up seemed, close to being able to shrugged away from.

Ever since I was a kid I was never brilliant in studying – especially in English and Maths, many tend to see me as hopeless. It is impossible to sustain yourself in Hong Kong, without maths and English being outstanding. The problem escalated when entering Britain, despite able to speak and read well, yet writing has been the constant trouble or barrier for me to gain good marks. Therefore I was sulking myself away, by writing stories in hope of recognition of talents or so. It is also true in some ways, that people’s snobbery was the one thing that made me wary of humanity in general.

As I went to Richmond School, I met kind and accepting friends who befriend me for being me, whilst studying rise nothing has changed. Yet the dramatic changes came when I eventually accepted the fact that sixth form would never be on the cards, I went to Darlington College of Technology to study BTEC Diplomas (First & National) in Health and Social Care. Things become better somehow, and eventually I get to university. I was happy as I finally managed to be in university as expected, but of course it doesn’t end there.

In first year as I took not as seriously as I ought to, alongside lacking the help on my English grammar. As a result, I have to take a year out to improve. I luckily able to get through second year after the year out, so looking back such journey was – just WOW!


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