Love For Sale (ep1)

Watched this documentary soon after I handed in my dissertation, I liked Rupert Everett for we shared the similar view regarding sex worker’s rights.

While it brought out the basic knowledge on sex work, in some ways it seemed to be Everett’s personal journey on remembering his friend Lychee. His friend once involved with sex work, before her eventual death many years ago. In some ways, he seemed hoping to understand his friend and the world his friend was in through understanding sex work itself.

Beside this sentimental area, he also looked through other areas that people wouldn’t come across regarding sex workers. For example the loneliness of escorts when talk of travelling, some escorts indeed would be lucky enough to travel around the world based on the needs of clients. However their lives were no different to a business man or professionals who need to travel constantly, when facing loneliness in a hotel room, in a strange city.

Toward the end of the episode, Everett invited three women from sex industry – a nun who works with sex workers in North London, a lady call Rachel Moran who wrote her horrific experience on her sex work day and Brooke Magnanti (aka Belle de Jour). During the interview Miss Moran voice out that sex work ought to be stigmatized in order to be eradicated, so criminalizing buyers are perfectly normal. I felt extremely uncomfortable over this matter, as some sex workers indeed calculated their options and decided to do so, while it is also true some women were forced into the job too.

And so it goes, it is important for us to respect and give each the adequate needs. Yet the government and feminists who vowed to “protect” us seemed preferred to criminalize the clients, which as a result put sex worker further into danger. How come they are so blind to see the problem they are causing?


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