“Other” countries & colonizations we put on them

This picture has been seen around the internet, it is a jewelry company advert from Hong Kong. In this advert, there is a strong contrast between the couple and children, not just the difference of being poor and rich. In some people’s eyes, this also shown the unequal relationship between well-developed countries and countries in development.

In developing countries (especially Cambodia), it is almost hardly a surprise when more and more children sold to the orphanage. The reason however was slightly surprising – The supply of children in Cambodian orphanage has been increased, because of the tourism of orphanages (as in tourists visiting orphanages very frequently). According to UNICEF, only 28% children are actually without parents, when a lot of them were “sold” to the orphanage as a tool of tourism. Under the globalization, we advanced further, but at the same time we also destroyed many things along the way…



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