Note: Institutional Women 02

In all honesty, I was hardly surprised by hearing stories of student’s involvement with sex work, especially in university – for me it’s logical they take the job, as problems such as flexibility are easily solved through sex work. Yet Daily Mail never ceased to amazed me, by making a big deal of the lady in the article able to earn 50k per year by lap dancing and webcam work while juggling her law degree.

I was amazed by her bravery on not just taking the interview, but also to be proud of the fact she did sex work. Unlike our stereotype of women in sex work are victims and feeling exploited, she and some other proud ones always interesting in my sight.

However one thing that left me wondered was in what extent will industries such as law be accepting someone who worked as sex worker in the past. As we may know society’s acceptance in most areas have been limited on sex workers, it is very difficult to tell whether they will take their sex work past as part of their deciding factor to hire someone or not. Especially for industry where reputation and masculinity culture are especially strong such as law, it is almost impossible not to wonder if they will hire the lady…


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