National Ugly Mug Scheme


National Ugly Mug Scheme is a scheme where sex workers can report crime; receiving warning and alerts over certain individuals who are a threat to a specific sex workers or a mass amount of sex workers.

Often violence or crime toward sex workers left un-reported because of not just sex workers are often trivialized in society due to their “social status”; but for some sex workers the fear of being exposed and distrust toward different institutions – especially the police. According to Kinnell (2006), often there are signs of police and judical systems trivialized or have biased treatment toward sex workers. As a result, National Ugly Mug Scheme become not just a bridge to help sex workers being taken seriously, but along with Merseyside Model (to be spoken later) it helps building a bridge of trust between sex workers and the law enforcement people.
Kinnell, H. (2006), Murder Made Easy: the final solution to prostitution? in Sex Work Now byRosie Campbell and Maggie O’Neill, 2006, London, Willan
p.s. as mentioned in the video, please feel free to check out Manchester Actions for Street Health (twitter: @MASHManchester, website:


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