Juliet; Feminism & Love


Notes: http://a09201988.pixnet.net/blog/post/31097973 (Sorry it’s in Cantonese!)

#WomeninFilm #Portrayal 

Few hours ago, I stumbled upon this blog from a literacy scholar in Taiwan (http://a09201988.pixnet.net/blog, sorry it’s in my mother-tongue). I enjoyed reading her blog very much, as I love how people read the film when applying ideology into the study – especially feminism. I enjoyed her very simple and clean writing, slowly guiding me to understand how women in existence, relate themselves to many parts of the society such as religion; history and sociology. For example how women who share a strong sexual freedom have to be killed off in “Scream” ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulykPn5ZUVs) + how “room” being understood in women and film, as a symbol of women’s freedom.

I shall tell you however, the article that caught my attention.

Today the blogger wrote an article about Claire Danes and Romeo and Juliet, talking about love and feminism. For feminism, love that was portrayed in Romeo and Juliet often classed as silly and stupid, it is to them nothing more than submission to men. In her/his interpretation however, the blogger believed the love Juliet possessed was a freedom of “knowing what she wants”. This as a result, actually contradicted feminist’s interpretation on love. 

For myself, their dislike of love or marriage or having children were very much a smoke screen. Their dislike of those things all link to one, of being told what to do/what’s expected upon them. They want freedom and control over their own lives & not being criticized for having them. But then, if the woman want marriage and children, out of her so-called free will (for me, free will often is very ambiguous, there’s no such thing as totally free), then why go against it? 



  1. I agree. It is easy to see Juliet as passive but she defied her father, and took her destiny into her own hands. Sure, that destiny was disastrous but you gotta give a girl props for trying!


    1. I agree with you on that matter, however mainstream feminists are often not so understanding on this matter. To them marriage + Love = just a load of masculinity power…no wonder they earned the image of “man-hater”.


      1. I love being a feminist…some people think that it’s a loaded word but all it means is that women want the same respect and rights that men get. Of the feminists that so “hate men” a lot of them have been drawn to the feminist ideology because they were raped, beaten, or controlled. But on the whole I think it’s a stereotype. We’re really nice, I promise!

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  2. I agree, you can be a feminist and a stay-at-home mom. You can be a feminist and a CEO of some multi-million dollar coorperation. You can be a feminist and be a man for heaven’s sake! All we want is an equal opportunity to choose what we want to make with our lives, and to be treated with equality by the people in this world. Love your blog! Care to check out mine? downwiththenorm.com


    1. I absolutely agree with you, the only reason women were annoyed over the gender equality thing was the ability and freedom to choose what they want without being questioned. If men were able to have many choices without being questioned, then why can’t women too?


  3. linddykal: It is true some radical feminists often posted themselves as the enemy of men, which supposed to help women embrace feminism but instead…women such as women of colour and sex workers got greatly put off by those women. Of course it’s understandable for some of them had bad experience, but their way of arguing are just…


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