Helter Skelter (Comic)


I remember the first time I heard of this comic was through its movie adaption, the director was the daughter of a famous theatre director in Japan, while the leading lady was played by an actress who has a notorious reputation.

Then I saw it in comic shop and bought it straight away, out of desperation of knowing the story.

The story began with Liliko a famous celebrity in Japan Entertainment Industry, she was praised by the public for her “organic” beauty, when in fact she went through a series of surgeries to get to her famous status. Through the lens of her personal assistant, we saw through her brutality to people around her and her insecurity over the industry’s brutal cycle of one will be taken over eventually. In entertainment/fashion industry, it is almost very easy to have new faces introduced and the old ones left in the attic.

With side stories such as a lawyer (or police?)’s quest to find out about the cosmetic clinic Liliko had her surgeries from, we managed to see that our society in fact are pretty twisted.


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