Florence Nightingale, Deviance

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Next Monday is 12th May, it will be International Nurses Day.

It will also be 194th birthday for Florence Nightingale, the founder of nursing; public health and statistics (ish).

She was also the first ever person I read when I first approached a set of comic on historical figures in a community centre, the comic set illustrated many great figures in history, such as George Washington. I found her story fascinating, she was also the first I read in another set of biographies on great figures in history. I remember vividly how the illustrations of her were painted with warm colours, green was especially often seen with her. She was to me, a very fascinating character – I often wonder how on earth she can be so brave to take the deviant position, against the then-perspectives on nurses within societies. Nursing back then was almost as notorious as sex work, unless you have no better choice the society said, you wouldn’t want to work in there. Inevitably she had a lot of ordeal to go through, especially with her mother. I was naive back then, I was terrible at loving myself and desperate for being accepted.

Many years later when I randomly think of her again in this very night, I came to realized what she did was not just making the public become aware of medical environment and the need of nursing, she also managed to turn nursing from the lowest of many jobs to a job that make a huge difference. I was amazed by such extraordinary magic she made on nursing, and that’s where I get a very important conclusion…

If we are to fight for our dreams, we are to take the position of deviance in society or within the community we are in, we are to shed our worries of what if…


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