Food; Leftover and Community

(Don’t worry it has subtitles at the very down below)

Was watching this video in Youtube, suddenly felt I found the “Hong Kong” I used to know.

I remember well when I was a child despite the age, one thing I loved about my childhood and Hong Kong was its flexibility and sense of community. The video was about a group of volunteers in Tin Sui Wei, New Territories of Hong Kong, working on preventing food waste and helping people who might have trouble affording food. Tin Sui Wei was famously known as “City of Sadness”, with many social issues such as poverty all found within. People often very reluctant to move into the area, because of the problems within the area.

But watching this video made me feel very proud of Hong Kong, for not just people are enthusiastic to work on something together and make a difference, but also how a sense of community being built up during the process…


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