Love For Sale Ep2

Love For Sale Ep2

Finished watching “Love For Sale” the documentary on sex work, this time it was about trying to understand the punters (aka purchasers).

The episodes shown a great deal more of sex workers with diverse fields, from dominatrix to a man (in the programme’s state) dressed as women to do online sex. A lot of them told many interesting tales, also pointed out the fact that people no matter how normal their front looked, always have a part within them that are not so normal afterall.

However I was alright with the programme until they get to the section of a counsellor hold a addiction meeting, while talking about paying for sex workers, the counsellor kept pouring out the ideas that are normally found in people who are anti-sex workers. Those words not just represented a huge misconception on the reality of sex workers, but also very sadly are the things that society generally understand about sex workers. It is also possible the oppression from society made sex worker community less interested in explaining the reality, or too many different realities spoken by different sex workers – therefore we just found it hard to work out who to believe.



  1. It is a confusing area ethically, I find. In any event, I find it depressing when people turn against sex workers, I really do. It is hard work, and they deserve respect. When I look at how some other business people make their money, it just makes me feel ill a bit, I must admit. Thanks for the review…


    1. It will forever be contested – Ideally for me it will be great if they can decriminalize sex worker, so they can seek help freely as wished. Pimping on the other hand defo need banning, but the problem is as the law literally criminalize anyone who got benefited from pimping -> especially family members, I think we need a clear line on the definition itself…


      1. I totally agree with you….why should pimps be protected? They often hurt the sex workers, as well as living off their earnings.


      2. That’s very true, it’s the current definition that annoys me – what if children need their mum’s wage to live, while the mother is a sex worker – does tht mean the kids committed a crime already? I am at the moment confused over this, any suggestions?


      3. Of course the children have committed no crime. As for the mother, if she herself is doing sex work, well it is just work. That is not a crime either, or at least it should not be. Why should any of them be punished? I am sorry I do not understand the law in HK – if I have that right – but even here, there would be no law broken….even if people rush in to judge.


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