History, Hong Kong, Documentary

Discovered many interesting videos from British Pathe Youtube Chanel, many of those videos have been kept within the dark for sometime, so it was nice to see them come out and be seen by the world.

This was one of the example from their channel, this talked of the times when Hong Kongers who immigrated from China for some years sent food and various material back to their relatives in the area. For the young ones like myself, it has been a very well-spread story, whilst for my elders they remembered fully on what happened. However according to this documentary the food were originally from China! :O

What on earth was this about?

It is believed that while China was suffering from mass hunger, the government instead of giving food to them, export them to the world to get money. Yet the Hong Kongers bought them and send it back to the relatives, which to many in logic it was weird.

“Xiannian asked the provinces to strengthen the acquisition of non-staple food Eighty per cent of exports, both to domestic sales, domestic sales mainly to meet foreigners in China, and the second is the bourgeois intellectuals, the actual supply of the city’s special needs, is supplying more senior cadres.” (Yang Jishen, Tombstone (2010) on page 861)

“In most people starved to death in 1960, the state as well as hundreds of tons of grain inventory, no large-scale opening rescue. Come up with half of the food stocks to save people, people will not starve.” “1959, exports of 4.15 million tons of grain , breaking the previous record in 1960, continue to export 2.72 million tons … then Chinese leader, did not expect the hungry, thought only of foreign exchange and imported machinery. “(Yang Jishen, Tombstone (2010) “on page 750)

In all fairness we could see how history kept repeating despite different context; time and space…


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