Institutional Women


Since tomorrow (in Hong Kong today) is 12th May, Google put up the google doodle for Dorothy Hodgkin, a Nobel-prized biochemist. Looking at her google doodle, it reminded me of Rosalind Franklin.



The reason I thought of Rosalind Franklin was that her experience in sexism within an institution at the time working in science settings, it was believed that while male scientists are more than welcome to eat in dinning halls, women scientist despite their level of quality have to eat with students or well…anywhere but the dining hall that was occupied by men. Even there are men who respect women scientists, tend to be sacred most of the time to be found.

Despite how women in theory being free on to take on traditional roles like mother and wife at all, there are still many parts within this society still have trouble coming through the sexism and achieve equality as ought to be. Such scenery are most commonly found in institutions that were heavily dictated by men culturally.

At the same time I have a strong feeling that some jobs were promoted to be more a men only job, while society promoted women into more feminine jobs such as nursing and secretary. Whilst campaigns such as WISE (Women in Science and Engineering, worked their best to enable many women to engage with science and engineering related subjects, the society as itself still very much questionable on supporting/helping women to be engaged with Science or Engineering subjects..



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