Merseyside Model





Often when we talked of sex work & protection for sex workers, we often talked of Criminalization on the buyers (aka Swedish Model) and Decriminalization for both sex workers and buyers (aka New Zeland Model). However one of the model that should be mentioned as equally often as the two models is Merseyside Model.

The model was originated by an incident of Bonnie Barratt, a sex worker who was murdered in East London many years ago. However her friends were unable to turn to the police for assistance, not just for the possible charges related to sex work (in UK sex workers work on their own is fine, but anything else such as soliciting are illegal) would be placed upon them. They often experienced being treated unfairly by Justice Systems – especially on losing custody to their children or they would be blamed for receiving these violence and rape for being a sex worker. As a result of such circulation thanks to policies and stereotypes on sex workers, they become extremely susceptible to violence and rape. According to Hilary Kinnell in her work, often the stigma of sex worker made men believed that it is absolutely find if the crime placed upon sex workers. For sex workers have no legal status of work so they won’t trouble the police and for their socially immoral status.

As a result police in Merseyside pledged in 2006 for classing violence and rape toward sex workers as one of the hate crime, by doing so they work with sex workers and provide them helps that would enable them to work safely such as harm reduction. As a result sex workers are able to report crimes that have been committed against them freely as anyone – which would enable a better relationship between not just police force and sex workers. Sometimes these people who committed violence and rape to sex workers, can apply these to women in general too.

If more information needed, please turn to Ms Ruth Jacobs (, for her work and expertise on advocating this model would enrich you as a reader, in a much greater level. 🙂

p.s. Just remembered, Rupert Everett did not mention Merseyside Model in his “Love for Sale”!!! :O


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