(Julia Child’s birthday google doodle)

I never was a person keen on cooking, I was more an eater than a cooker. I always found the work was just too much hazzles, unless I am making food for friends, my mum and my man – or no way or chance I will cook.

I guess because I have been away for a long time, constantly being on my own as a result meant I won’t put too much detail into the cooking. Unlike cooking for friends, you need not to impress anyone, just sheerly eat. My mother always nag me that I should cook more often, but I just seemed not able to do that when with myself. My man seemed more a fan of cooking – watching him baking cakes or working out the taste of mould wine were brilliant to watch, and so it goes I tend to leave the cooking to him…

Yes I should be more involved with cooking, guess the coming future would be a start, as university is heading to an end…


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