Henrik Ibsen, Hedda Gabler, LUU Open Theatre

1610031_10153907719900565_389758898_n henrik_ibsens_185th_birthday-1106006-hp


This was a very important moment – first time to watch a university production and the first time to watch any Henrik Ibsen’s work.

I have long known Ibsen’s work/aware of the works he produced thanks to wikipedia, but never on watching it – either bad timing or something else. But after I hanged in my first official draft for dissertation, I went to see the performance.

Throughout the story Hedda has been the kind of bitch that I can imagine seeing around the world – self-centred; contempt on others and easily bored. I did wonder however if she had a job, would life be different for her…would she treat people kinder? At the same time, I was able to understand her boredom, her husband was really at times can be very boring, but then again hardly any marriages were made based on two people’s will in their days right?

I was able to strongly empathized with her friend Thea, who was “addicted to anxiety”, often when things were too good I began to worry if something bad loom its way to me. Judge Brad was very very funny, I giggled whenever he tried to talk American accents. The rival of Hedda’s husband seemed a man who has been socially excluded, but he seemed the only man I found better stay excluded as he seemed constantly in horrendous situations whenever he associated himself with anyone.

Overall the drama was exciting as a university productions, the actors and actress (esp the judge and Hedda) got potentials to success…


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