Ok…did the Rupert Everett one not working for the anti-sex work people? We presented evidence over and over for many years and yet they and the politicians still give no damn & shit about reconsidering their decisions on criminalization. What is the point of making these “documentary” over and over? It’s the public perception; the conspiracy of people who are anti-sex workers (just because of the trafficking victims); politicians who keep holding on the “traditional view” …

Harlots Parlour

I was contacted today by Diane Taylor from the Guardian Newspaper. They are looking for sex workers to take part in a documentary. Details below.

If anyone would like to be involved but would like to have ask advice from myself before replying feel free to drop me a line at

We are working on a documentary for the Guardian about sex work. We are looking at issues such as the impact on sex workers if proposals to criminalise clients who buy sex are implemented. We are also looking at draconian/problematic policing of sex work, increasing poverty such as benefit sanctions which put extra pressure on sex workers etc. We will be interviewing sex workers without revealing their identities or locations. There are many, vocal people who are engaged in the debate about sex work but very often the voices of sex workers themselves are absent from this debateā€¦

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