Women “using” men: Macbeth & Coriolanus

I just loved the fact that Macbeth’s being replayed again, along with Coriolanus, they seemed not as frequently played as the comedies; Hamlet; Romeo and Juliet and King Lear. However while Coriolanus was complicated, everyone feared bad luck for being in Macbeth.

Without knowing how I like the darkness of the story, the brutality that come along with ambitions. I often use Macbeth and Lady Macbeth for telling myself that I should make measurements on my ambitions – which are achievable and which are not.

However ever since I watched Tom Hiddleston’s “Coriolanus”, I looked back at some of Shakespeare’s work. Noticing that both men’s decisions which led to their fatal tragedies, were invoked by their dearest women. Coriolanus said yes to being a politician for mother’s desire of honor and Macbeth assassinated the king he adored, thanks to the invoke from his wife upon reading the words from three witches…It is visible that these two women were borrowing their dearest men to fulfill their desire of power and honor, yet I wondered if things would be different if they were working. As back in the days both characters were in, women were very much confined into their homes both emotionally and regarding intelligence. Their engagement with the society seemed not so much compared to men, their frustration for not able to fulfill their wishes and excellence can only pin on their loved male (from husband to son) & use them as a tool to finish their unfulfilled desires…


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