Sex work Descrimination

WePay Blames “The Rules” For Withholding Medical Funds from Sex Worker

As we universally known, people ought to be given the medical care when one requests and nothing should stop him or her from gaining it for no reason.

Yet this shocked me to bits, a woman who got a bad reaction to a certain type of medicine and request help from people around her for medical fundings. Yet the website who she used as a platform for the funding told her that she has no entitlement of having the money, due to her background as sex workers (she works in porn area).

The website she used for crowd-funding was call GiveForward, which use softwares managed by WePay to deal with the financial matter. WePay send Ms Alexander an e-mail notifying that they cancelled her account, as she violated their terms and conditions and they suspect her use for the money is more pornographic related.

As a matter of turn out it was a picture she retweeted by accident was the cause of the matter, however this also proved how easily of sex workers being discriminated in not just by the police and by the public, but also criminalization of sex worker put them into a harder spots – unable to gain adequate support from medical areas etc. As a result, unless Merseyside Model or decriminalization are given, or no way this can be resolved.

( WePay’s reply to the incident



  1. So sorry that happened to you. And I guess that company just keeps the money? I mean do they give it back to the people who paid up?


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