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Model Alliance Summer Internship

Saw this post in Model Alliance’s twitter,

I must admit I quite love the work and I guess part from not living in New York, the rest of the criteria might’ve been easily met.

Ever since I finished my dissertation, beside writing essay one thing that I haven’t stopped was applying jobs. So far I got two rejections (or three in fact?), there are times I wish they would be able to tell me why I wasn’t hired. However in one of the graduate scheme that I applied, the employer might have not asked me for interview as the post was in Oxford and I did not state whether I would relocate for the job at all. As some of you may know, I live from July onward officially, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. It wouldn’t be hard for me to deduct the possibilities that the employer would consider me, especially if I did not state my willingness of relocation.

From the jobs I applied I found my types of jobs with two biggest criteria: work in a charities that improve the lives of others (e.g. providing support) and a job that put me forefront of dealing with these people in need. It will be nice to obtain such type of job, let’s just hope all will be ok – as in a job will be available for me, me only.


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