Tristram Stuart, food, Vegetarian history

Tristram Stuart: The global food waste scandal:

This video was the first time I encounter Tristram Stuart and his ideas about food. Within the video he talked about how he first come to the understanding of food waste, especially how supermarkets would bin food purely for its lack of normal appearance.

Since then I have read articles about his ideology on food and food waste is rather interesting, especially on how it would be great to feed food wastes to the pigs for better environment. However it was his first book about vegetarian that I found most fascinating, especially with a title powerful as “bloodness revolution”. In the book, he talked about the origins of vegetarian as an ideology – then onto its relationship with society, how people use it with aspects such as politics and gender. I especially love the beginning of how Francis Bacon the philosopher, died of getting a cold just by grabbing snow to see how food (or is it meat?) kept fresh in low temperature.

He is indeed, an activist to look out for. đŸ™‚


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