Red Is for Sex

I quite love how the colours can be associated differently regarding different cultures etc. For example, here the colour red often associated with sex and passion etc.

Sex Science with Dr. Zhana

Red is SexyFrom red lipstick in use since 10,000 BC, to red-light districts around the world today, red is the color of sex.

Many of us know this intuitively, but now there is a lot of science to back that up.

Researchers have studied red in other mammals for a while, but as far as humans go, it all started back in 2008 at University of Rochester. In a series of 5 experiments, Andrew J. Elliot and Daniela Niesta established the following fun facts about the link between red and sex:

– a red background in a woman’s photograph led men to view her as more attractive and sexually desirable than if the background was in other chromatic (blue, green) or achromatic (e.g., white, grey) colors;
– men were completely unaware of this red effect;
– red did not alter perceptions of women’s other positive characteristics, such as likeability, kindness…

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