Medea, Cornflake Girl.

I am going to see this in July, at National Theatre’s Olivier Theatre.

I have always found Medea fascinating since the first day I knew her existence, especially with how she reacted to her man’s betrayal. It must be horrendous for her, as she has little to no protection in law – when she and may women in her time should have as much right as men.

This as a result give me a new meaning of cornflake and raisin, might sound unrelated but hear me out. Basically as Tori Amos originated the term “Cornflake Girl” in her song, equals it to people who betray our trust and expose our vulnerability (whether doing in purpose or not, if I got it right). It then came to me, that as we human believed in the law; the justice; believed that police will help us solve crime if we experienced crime. Yet as I grow older, I saw more and more “injustices” such as people being trivialized when report crime. It’s no different to betrayal from their most trusted people…


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