Have been ill and been stuck in other matters for a while, didn’t feel the energy to write posts. However in the duration of the illness, I caught myself back at the emotion I had when I was very passionate about story-writing.

In the past I wrote many strange stories – mostly murder mystery and suspense, but for six years I was put off from writing anymore story, as I was struggling to deal with my grammar skills left a huge flaw on my writing…Anyway, the story would be very much base on the things I have experiences, things I studied during my life time so far – with fictional characters.

There are four main characters for the story…

1, Josephine Jean Rhys – in my mind she’s a woman of strong artistic essence, the first thing that came into my mind was that she has a long red hair like Lily Cole or Florence Welch. Character on the other hand would be someone quite on guard from others, but gradually warm when getting to know…also, a huge fan of vintage-style clothing!

Highsnobette-Florence5-360x540 images lily-cole


2. Dorothy Chang Hoi Yee – There are some elements of myself within the story: tough; independent and observant (I like to think so anyway), but of course she would be the “better version” of myself, I based her character mostly from Nana Osaki from “NANA” (comic from Ai Yazawa) – whom I can relate deeply into.



3. Agatha Northup – Whenever I thought of this character, the first person that entered my mind was  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the essence of intelligence. At the same time I was quite enchanted by her stories through her ted talks on “A single story”, while she also share the fierce temper on inequality – like Maya Angelou. However I was at most times, can picture her empathy with the world – like Florence Nightingale.

Chimamanda-Ngozi-Adichie-Americanah-National-Books-Prize-BellaNaija images (1)


4. Alice Daphne Morrison – In my memory she’s the type of girl that everyone envies (especially in beauty, like Toni Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye”), clever but feeling trapped from all those stereotype or advantages that come along with it. There is a kind of anger within her, on her role that came along with her gender and race…



Well that will be for now. 😀



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