My favorite Google Doodles (Women)

unnamedElizabeth Barrett Browning 6th March 1806-29th June 1861

unnamed (1)Rachel Carson 27th May 1907-14th April 1964

ada_lovelaces_197th_birthday-991005-hpAda Lovelace 10th December 1815-27th November 1852

rosalind_franklins_93rd_birthday-2002005-hpRosalind Franklin 25th July 1920 – 16th April 1958

unnamedMary Anning 21st May 1799 – 9th March 1846

unnamed (2)Audrey Hephburn 4th May 1929-20th January 1993

20101219edithpiaf2010-hpEdith Piaf 19th December 1915-11th October 1963

ella_fitzgeralds_96th_birthday-1212009-hpElla Fitzgerald 25th April 1917-15th June 1996

dian-fosseys-82nd-birthday-5702250374627328-hpDian Fossey 16th January1932-27th December 1985

unnamed (4)Maria Mitchell 1st August 1818-28th June 1889


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