– Living, Feeling –

Last week I have been reading “Crash” by J.G.Ballard, and watched “Fight Club” – the film with Edward Norton and Brad Pitt inside, originally written by Chuck Palahniuk.

They both were distinctively different from one another, while Crash emphasized a group of people finding pleasure sexually in seeing disasters and accident/have sex in the car, Fight Club talked about two men give Capitalism and Consumerism a middle finger up by building a club, where people fight each other. 

Yet they both were echoing for the same problem every human is facing: life under the modern world, and the loss of feeling as human. The characters required extreme violence or method to archive their sense of pleasure, one through fighting strangers, one through having sex in the car or while crashing. They both crying for help over they could feel very little about being human. For example Ed Norton in Fight Club felt losing purpose to live, with his life – job and things he “consumed” as a consumer. Therefore he needed violence to keep him feeling alive, to regain his sense of survival and validation of his existence. In the modern society, we began to emphasized about meritocracy (or precisely the American Dream), where everyone can become special and unique in the world. Yet as Edward Norton felt, this seemed didn’t come true on him, therefore he felt a sense of betrayal.

As for Crash, Ballard the lead character and Catherine his wife already struggled to come to some intimacy in normal ways. Their sensory needed something explosive and powerful for them to be able to come to some intimacy, along with excitement in their lives…

Currently I am trying to work out the answers to these questions:

1. Is technology taking more and more over our lives?

2. Are we losing more of ourselves as we progress?

3. What are we to do with the situation?



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