– Fahrenheit 451 –



Finished reading “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury, it was a very intense story of a man’s path to search for enlightenment through books. I didn’t manage to get much sleep, since I have been staying up reading like crazy. Watching how the fireman work his way through the sea of mass media and betrayal from people he was close to, in order to get to his enlightenment over what life is.

I quite like how the idea of fire being displayed in the story, from how it was seen as a destroyer to how fire being understood on the life of government/regime would take their eventual fall and books would be re-appreciated again.


Also reading – Opposed Positions by Gwendoline Riley, thanks to the recommendation from Between Two Books ( a book club found by Florence Welch, Florence and the Machine), it’s a good book so far.


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