– Opposed Positions –



Finished “Opposed Positions” by Gwendoline Riley in quite an unusually fast speed, took three days from start to finish.

I came acrossed the book under googling a book club call “Between Two Books”, it was found to dedicate to Florence Welch the vocalist of Florence and the Machine. She was famous for the love of reading among her fans, she often recommended books she read to the club. The book cover attracted my attention in an instant, I was wondering why such cover being used.

The story was a kind of memoir on a woman call Ashlinn, a writer who had troubled childhood and had some bad experiences with men. The book chronicled her memories from how her dad constantly trying to make her feel guilt for keeping herself away from him, to being clueless over men’s way of behaving and their expectation toward women. For example, her boyfriend contacted Ashlinn out of courtesy, when it seemed to me more like just manipulate the feelings Ashlinn might have had for him. Her mother also suffered some difficulties on relationship, from terrified/sick of antics produced by Ashlinn’s father to her difficulties over able to talk to her current partner over differences between each other.

It was a good book – I did in a way understand why Florence loved it, as (esp first sections) the wording was clear in a beautiful way. However the second section seemed suffered some degree of confusion, derailed from dealing with drunken man or calls from Ashlinn’s ex. There was also a scent that was similar to “Prozac Nation”, but P.N. Was better as the theme was more central in my opinion.

Oh what do you think about the pictures? Are they really scary? My friends and my mum have been either complaining or saying how artistic it is…


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