– 2014 Great North Run –

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Today is Great North Run, the day that get literally the entire Tyne and Wear excited, many found running or helping in the event would always be the best excuse to wake up early in Sunday morning.

Different charities have their cheering buses placed into different parts of the route, to make sure runners saw us cheering for them to keep going.

It was a very different experience for me, especially when looking at highway being deserted as if we lived in a Dystopian world.

We waited a while – be ready for any runners coming, first the ones with disabilities, mostly ones in wheel-chairs and visually impaired with a friend running with them. Then very much everyone else, started running toward us. We cheered many who are running, and some who walked. The sun was shinning brightly, almost powerful enough to cause a sunstroke in someone.

Around 12 (Gateshead), we saw the Last Marshal escorting people who ran or walk slowly, I quite like their job – to keep runners from feeling lonely for not able to catch up with everybody. I watched them get through their way as we finished our cheering, my voice was gone from being shouty.

Happy Great North Run everyone!




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