– The Yellow Wallpaper –

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Bumped into Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” through an account in Instagram, an account that sells all kinds of books (well second hand).

It was about a woman being “locked up” in the name of getting well again by her husband who was a doctor, he seemed certain that doing absolutely nothing will be beneficial for his wife. Yet his decisions shut her out from the world, she could only occupied herself through secret writing (apparently she wasn’t supposed to write) and observation to the yellow wallpaper in her room, which she has gone obsessed with eventually.

The plot already left me in disturbance without reading the book – Not just the totalitarian nature of how medical disclose determined what one should do, but also how knowledge can alienate a person in many level – whether through social stigma or the person’s difficulties on coming to terms of being “one of them”.

Often Professional people such as lawyer and doctors posed themselves with many jargons as if they knew full well of what they are doing, all they asked of the clients were to trust them unconditionally. However they also sometimes cause a problem, by not bothered to explain the situation to clients in ways they could understand. As if they have every right to determine what we should do with our health, as if they cannot be questioned based on their authority…


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  1. I like a lot of bloggers, I read a lot. Much of what I read is soon forgotten. Not so with “The Yellow Wallpaper.” It has stayed with me for years and I imagine wil continue to do so.


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