– Memoir of a Vampire, 01 –

Been writing some stories lately, will upload them all to here slowly. Until then please feel free to comment (beside grammar which I apologize).

Dracula-untold-movie-desktop-wallpapers-of-high-resolution img838 Jonathan-Rhys-Meyers-of-Draculadravula

He was in the beginning just a client of mine,

I received an e-mail from him for an appointment in a cold October night, I presume he was just another ordinary client who wanted to escape the loneliness within the city through the body of anyone who weren’t afraid of non-string attachment, and managed to find me through the sea of adverts on the internet.

I replied with times I would be available, a reminder of available service (in case he didn’t read what service I do and don’t) and prices I would require for the hours. He seemed happy with it, judged by the fact he replied within half an hour with words of satisfaction. We arranged to meet in a hotel at Tuesday night – I found it easier to do outcall for clients, as I would escape any possible hassles and questions from my housemates with curiosity. I liked this job as it fit the studies and various matters nicely together, even I would have to suffer the stigmas from the world if my occupation ever got found out. I scribbled down the time, the name of the client and a self reminder to confirm with the client on the place to meet in my little black book, in case I ever forget.

For the rest of the week I found myself restless (or agitated?), unlike any other clients I came across, this client – known as Ladon Greene gave me this sense of excitement and mystery. Little was known of him, but from the photo he sent me he seemed rather reliable. I tried to check his records in Ugly Mug app to see if any past record of him to estimate my chances of dealing with violence, nothing was written at all. He wrote that he has been living in the city for some time, working as a consultant in business – according to what was written in his e-mails. I googled him to find out more, indeed he was what he said he was in the e-mail. I couldn’t help letting out a sense of relief.  Strangely some parts of me was looking forward to meeting this man, as most of the time seeing a client was just time for work for me, at least I could say for sure when I was in Oxford.

“Hello there,

I would like to confirm if our appointment still stands if no problems at all.

                                   Regards                                                                                                                         Tippi”

I was panting and my heart was pounding as if it would blow-up from the inside, as the time of meeting grew closer. He replied with the confirmation of hotel room reservation e-mail attached, I quickly scribbled down the name of the hotel and the room number, the hotel was very close to the train station, which wouldn’t take long to walk to it from the university. I packed the things for tomorrow, putting things such as condoms and lube into the conceal of my large black bag with many compartments. I switched off the light to sleep, but instead the entire night my eyes were open, staring at the ceiling.

I dashed to the Conference Auditorium from a classroom in the ninth floor of Worsley the Medical Building, they weren’t far from each other as any other parts of the university, yet it took me a lot of energy to walk from one to another – especially if you have three textbook heavy as bricks to carry with you, textbooks of forensic psychology, criminal justice and criminal law. The smells of chlorine was very strong as I walked passed the Edge the sports centre, through the dim glass you could see heads and arms floating in the water. A slender figure with hair black as raven, short as women in the roaring twenties, it was Ada. I have known Ada for a short time, but we became each other’s alliance ever since an incident which left me shunned from the students of a group in the block I lived in. She was shunned after for defending my choice of part-time job, which we since then became friends if I may say so. Normally if I have an appointment at Tuesday, I would ask Ada to take the bag with those chunky textbooks back to the hall of residence we lived in, as we shared a lecture of Sociological Thinking together before we finished for the day. I felt bad for her carrying things for me, but all she did was shrugged and said it’s fine. We walked into the lecture theatre and sat very close to the speaker’s stand, we were to talk about Emile Durkheim today. The lecture supposed to be in last week, but the other tutor claimed he would not be available today so he did his lecture on Max Weber and his theory in advance. “Where are you meeting this guy?” She asked casually, as we took out our notebooks. Ada, besides being the alliance of mine, was the only person who I would feel confident enough to give details and updates of my meetings in this city.                                       “The Queens,” I answered honestly, “near the train station.”                                                                          “The guy sounded rather mysterious, just saying.” She shrugged, the lecturer came in and the whole room fell from chatter to absolute silence.

I dragged Ada into the women’s toilet right after the lecture, the lecturer was looking at both of us with a strange expression as we walked quickly, not sure what was it about. The toilet was empty, I thanked god secretly as I discovered this. I checked myself on the mirror and quickly refreshed myself with lip-gloss and mascara. Ada leaned on the wall made with cold tiles in white, watching me doing the make-up through the reflections. “You know, I never knew the existence of Fatalistic suicide in Durkheim’s book until today,” she commented thoughtfully, “I was sure it wasn’t written in Wikipedia before.”                                                      “As the tutors say, never trust Wikipedia completely.” I smiled as I replied.                                                       “You know when the word fatalistic was out, it reminded me of Macbeth.”                                                        “How so?”                                                                                                                                                        “He cornered himself because of his decisions…”She leaned her head onto the cold tiles, before we finished the make-up process. We walked out toward The Edge where we parted with “see you later”, Ada walked toward Roger Stevens Building with the chunky textbooks at the right side of her shoulder and her tote bag in grey on the other shoulder. I then wrapped myself tighter by pulling the coat closer to my skin in hope of keeping me from the cold. My small heels tapped on the pavement as I marched my way to the hotel. I crossed through the campus of another university, followed by the town hall and millennium square. The hotel would be reached once you walked through The Headrow (a very busy road in the town constantly filled with all kinds of vehicles) and Park Row, where many offices and banks located.

I looked around as I walked into the lobby of the hotel, I walked quickly without looking up at the people passing by, unless my gaze bumped into theirs. In such situations, I would smile as if I have seen them many times. The lift door opened with very much every interior painted with gold, “Wait!” a man shouted from afar and he stopped the door from kissing each other with his hand, as I was slow to react to his request. We smiled to each other awkwardly, before our eyes turned back toward the metal door.                  I glanced over to him while he wasn’t looking, he body was a combination of a very tall and slender frame, black hair pulled back by gel with force, a black coat without frayed cuffs or dusts. His shirt was white as snow without any lines, and tie was red as blood.  His hand looked very icy based on the colour on the skin was beyond pale, it looked more sinister with his long pianist-like fingers. He was holding a book, a heavy book consisting of many pieces of paper in small rectangles, I couldn’t see the title. I tried to deduct if he was my client, or another man who happened to be in the same floor as myself because of the elevator button have no other light on but number five.                                                                                                    I walked out of the elevator in desperation once the lift door was open, my heels tapped onto the floor so loudly, I almost assumed the man was walking closely behind me. Indeed the man was walking close by as I glanced back, but his shoes was soundless when it tapped to a point him being closely behind me was no different to a ghost. I tapped onto the door with number 510 right in front of me, as soon as I checked the number on my notebook. A finger tapped on my shoulder and I jumped before I was able to look back, it was the man in the elevator! “Did I make you jump?” He smirked as he hold up a card in white in his hand and swiped it into the black line between a small light and the door handle, he pushed the handle right after the light turned green.

We walked into the room – the room consisted a huge bed big as what king could possibly asked for, furniture were made of fine polished wood. I quickly looked into the bathroom, the tiles were white to a point no dirt could stay. The washing basin designed with metal as their legs and glass as the basin, I could feel the chill from the cold tiles next to the shower base. He put his coat and his suit jacket onto the side closer to the window on the bed, as he sat on the chair and scanned me from head to toe. “So you are the beautiful lady I was corresponding then?” He smiled brightly, his voice and accent sounded as if he belonged to no set of time or space. I nodded my head in silence, before he handed me the fees for the session, always ask for the fees before anything can be proceed between a client and yourself.                       He looked at me as if asking for my instruction on what to do, I glanced at the bathroom and back at him, he walked into the bathroom without hesitation or looking back. I sat down in relief as the sound of the water began splattering the wall, before I gathered my toiletries. My heart pounded harder as the time lingered, I inspected myself once more before he came out of the bathroom. He came out of the bathroom with his torso toned up in a perfect scale a human can possibly achieve, the whole of him was so beautiful (part from the part he wrapped up with a towel) to a point I had to look away.                                                    I quickly ran into the bathroom with my toiletries, a quick rinse of my body then putting on the lingerie and refreshment of my make-up, lip gloss, mascara…I tried to make sure my breathing was under control, before I counted and opened the door. He was lying on the bed with his grey boxer shorts back on, I walked to the bed and lie beside him, smiling as seductively as I could. He brought two glasses of champagne and gave one to me, we sipped in silence and conversed casually. Things escalated thanks to the champagne, I began kissing his neck as if I was possessed by an external force. He pushed me from him lightly, “Hmm actually I was hoping for more erm…hugs or cuddles,” he explained shyly or feeling guilty for leading me the wrong way. “Sorry.”                                                                                                              “It’s alright really.” I smiled as I lie flat on the bed, he moved himself to the side of me and hugged me with his right arm. I pulled the duvet up and covered both of us, outside was getting dark and I began to feel sleepy once I put the alarm on.

As the room grown darker, he grown more and more agitated in his sleep. First he murmured words that sound foreign and ancient to me, his voice filled with fear as something was going to happen. This followed by his whole body began to twitch and increasing the volume in a manner of galvanism – head keep turning and arms gripped my body tighter. All these broke into a series of NO! NO! NO! I woke by his increasingly loud scream I had to hum songs to him and stroke his back like a child, to calm him from his nightmares. He eventually fell back to his silence, I fell back to mine as if nothing had happened at all.

“It has been a very pleasant evening, thank you.” He commented as we walked to the bus station outside The Light (a small shopping centre), the night breeze softly touched my face as we head out to the night. He seemed totally forgotten the incident of his sleep, judged by the fact he hardly mentioned it, so I did not say a word after some hesitation on to ask or not while texting Ada. On the way to the bus stop, he offered to have dinner with me but I politely declined, “I am afraid I need to clean the fridge before food goes off.” I said sadly.                                                                                                                                                         “Yes…food we cooked aye?” He murmured to himself, “It reminded me of my wife.”                                      “I am sorry.” I commented, since the way he talked about it hinted that his wife died in an age too unnatural. He smiled sadly at me, before we walked the rest of the journey in awkward silence.                        He waited with me for the bus to arrive, bus number one, six, twenty-eight, fifty-six or ninety-seven would reach a road near the hall of residence I lived in very easily. I didn’t mind to wait on my own, but he felt he would not be gentleman enough if he left me by myself before the bus arrived. As the number ninety-seven bus arrived, we got up along with few other people to queue in order to get on the bus. He held my hand as I stepped onto the bus, our eyes met as I stepped up and a sense of sadness swept over me. Would I see this gentleman ever again? Very unlikely to be honest, men often switched to different girls in unspecific time of their lives. I tried to remember his face and held his gaze on me, before the woman behind me nudged me to the driver where my hand had to let go of his. I paid my bus fare and walked to my seat near the window, I kept my eyes on him to savor his presence until the bus took off and he was gone.                      “How did it go?” Ada greeted me as I walked into the flat, she was holding out two plates with steaming fish cakes and broccoli. I opened the door to her room and we both took the plates and eat, as soon as we dropped everything. I was very hungry to a point I couldn’t help eating ravenously, Ada just slowly cut and ate her food.                                                                                                                                                        “He seemed nice to me,” I commented thoughtfully, there was something about him that was different from other clients I have had in the past.”                                                                                                                  “Is that so?”                                                                                                                                                      I nodded with certainty, we finished the dinner with comfortable silence.                                                          Ada brought both of us a cup of tea after few minutes back into the kitchen, while I was waiting for her I saw a book lying open on the bed-side table. The cover consisted a woman standing in the middle with a very 1980s look and make-up and a bowl-like object behind her, the word “Kitchen” write right in front of her chest. “Just started it,” Ada’s voice made me jump, as I was not aware of her presence in the room. “Sounded as if she was obsessed with kitchen, any kind of kitchen.”                                                           We smiled to each other with ease, I told Ada pretty much everything that happened today, she was the only person I was comfortable enough to have every part of me poured out. I wasn’t sure why I did so since I have always been secretive about myself, yet it was possible her accepting nature helped me to become comfortable that way. “You know, you never seemed so look forward to work before.” Ada commented casually as I bid her goodnight, “you were never from my memory so far, been so keen to go to work.” I smiled on my way back to the room, was I? I thought to myself.

A week later, Mr Greene asked for my service again.

P.S.: Apologies if the structure seemed messy to read, it’s just that no matter how I tried to refine the article into order, the lines of words kept flying off for reasons unknown. Therefore I would appreciate some advise or suggestion, in order to address the problem.


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