– Valley of the Dolls –

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-TXJMKVa_g (Valley of the Dolls trailer)

DUKEvalley-of-the-dolls-237 images Sharon Tate With Pills In 'Valley of the Dolls' valley-movie

Last night, “Valley of the Dolls” suddenly appeared in my mind.

I remember the first time I read it was around the end of my year out from university, I was at the time struggled to keep myself together over the grading issues. I read then to keep me going, from Atlas Shrugged to Fifty Shades of Grey.

“Valley of the Dolls” focused the story on three women who shared a kind of association with entertainment world, to keep up with the standard and good work they found themselves in heavy reliance over drugs (e.g. Barbiturate) to keep them going. At the period the women were in, sexism remained strong so whatever they do they gained restrains from elsewhere. For example Anne wished not to be struck under a house as housewife, as she found life in New York gave her so much to her life. Another example was Jennifer, a woman with beautiful body (public standard rise) – she was constantly typecast-ed for her body to a point when she felt she got no other skills than taking off her clothes. As for Neely O’Hara, her reliance of the drugs to keep her going with the demands from Hollywood ended her the reputation of being a difficult person, which eventually almost lose her job because of it.

I was in the story able to empathized with Jennifer the most, for her ending was not just the saddest but also the fact that there are many cases going on similar to hers in places. (sigh)

As for the men, I dislike Lyon Burke greatly – yet I was sure his attitude would be something that happens to many men. Being emasculated by a women in whichever level would be soul-destroying, but then maybe it is time for them to realize that their ego would not get them anywhere…



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