– Medea (2014) –

2014-07-23-Medea2HelenMcCrorybyRichardHubertSmith1280x852 images medea2

After my mother left London for Hong Kong at July, I went to watch “Medea” in National Theatre, London by myself.

The theatre was huge, a little like one of the music halls I came across in Hong Kong, the seats was lovely for a 15.00GBP price.

Medea as many would’ve known was a woman’s revenge upon her husband for leaving her, by killing the children they have together. Often we wondered the reason behind Medea’s decisions, as often women’s mother nature were too great to give harm to any children, especially their own.

But Medea did, she killed her kids even on the stage it was done inside a room instead of doing it out and open. She used her husband’s being unfaithful to her (precisely abandoned her and the family for another woman), as her excuse of murdering her children to spit her anger. The excuse might seemed vague, but this was exactly the kind of story line you found in domestic violence cases in current world.

As for the show itself – the set was wonderful on the use of space on the stage, Helen McCrory was amazing as Medea as she was truly scary. Goldfrapp the band that did the music composition for the drama…I would like to find the soundtracks of their score for the drama.


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