– Parade’s End –

Parade-s-End-Promotional-Stills-parades-end-32365892-2000-1186 Parade-s-End-Promotional-Stills-parades-end-32365907-2000-1255

I watched this series before returning university for second year, yet I was never able to bring myself to write my feelings and thoughts on the series right away. For one the amount of university work I needed, secondly the series shared many meanings which one have to digest or untangle very carefully.

B.C.’s Christopher in the story was a man of history – history in the context that he hold a strong attachments to things related to his part (e.g. the tree in his family house) certain morals that seemed to old-fashioned (to some) dearly, for example honor. He was an intelligent man, able to calculate and predict situations wisely and accurately. However he seemed struggle to work his way round his wife Sylvia, a woman who seemed an entire opposite of himself. She was clever and beautiful, yet her appearence shared a similarities with women in literature with association of lust and sex. At the same time he met a lady call Valentine, a lady who seemed shared many similarities with Christopher, for example the love of literature.

Throughout the series, Christopher’s morals and perspectives came into questions after series of situation. His kindness and nature put him into series of scandals and misunderstandings. This as a result led him to question if all that he believed before worth his belief or faith afterall, along with the fact he was free from his own bondage…


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