The policing of sex work in West Yorkshire: An interview with Rosie Campbell OBE

It is extremely difficult to have government totally decriminalize sex work in states, due to the fact that such decision would case outrage from both communities to religious groups. Merseyside model brought protection and support for sex workers despite the current situation in policies for them. Yet the current policies should decide whether to have sex workers decriminalized entirely, or find them a place (indoor) where they can work safely in fashion of either with another worker at the side, or work in own room next door to their colleague. Therefore this solution might bring possibilities to not just sex worker’s safety, but also the peace within communities?

What Can I Do About It?

Genesis logoThe following interview is with Rosie Campbell OBE who took up the Chief Executive Officer post at Leeds-based support agency Genesis in September 2013. Rosie has been heavily involved in researching, service development and sex work policy in the UK since 1995 and was one of the driving forces behind the ‘Merseyside Model’ which helped Merseyside Police achieve a 67% conviction rate for crimes of rape against sex workers compared to a national average conviction rate for rape of just 6.5% (2010 data).

Following academic work in Merseyside in the late 1990’s which drew on many different experiences connected to sex work to show that a one-dimensional policy approach would not work, Rosie went on to be involved in setting up the Linx Project and then to be coordinator at Armistead Street and Portside outreach and sex worker NHS support projects in Liverpool. Alongside that she was one of the…

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