– Their Eyes Were Watching God –

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(the lady in the middle is the author, Zora Neale Hurston)

I came across the book when I was in the church-turned classroom place within university, I came across the book-shelf filled with books near the reception, you only have to pay two pounds to the church to have the books. This was one of them, I could not remember the reason why I paid two pound to the church, but I had this feeling the book was calling out to me. “Read me!” It cried as I took it.

It was a story about Janine on her life, began with she ended up in arranged marriage with an older man as her grandma wanted to make sure someone would look out for Janine when she died, but she ran off with a man call Joe to make a new life as she wasn’t happy with the life she got. She had a nice life with Joe, but Joe’s neglect on her over work had left her feeling unsatisfied, the feeling was intensified when Joe began to stop her from doing various things. Eventually she told Joe about her feelings, before he passed away and she left the town with a man nicknamed Tea Cake. Life with Tea Cake was a bliss in some ways, yet there were also issues to solve between the two of them. Tea Cake in character was a risk-taker, which sometimes Janine was annoyed with. Eventually Janine decided to head home and tell her friend Phoebe her tale, after Tea Cake passed away.

The book was full of essence of liberty, Janine part from the beginning, had very much exercised the awareness of her own liberty &the actual liberty. From decided to free herself from all kinds of social bondage, to able to make her own choices and enjoy her life to the full. I guess for feminism, the actual aim of all the aims feminism have or had, was for women to exercise the same amount of liberty and freedom like men, without being questioned at all.


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