– Emma Watson, Gender Equality, Feminism –


You gotta love Emma Watson sometimes, as she was always seemed very intelligent and wise. However I had to love her even more, especially after the statement she made on UN’s “He For She” project meeting.

Feminism was in the beginning was to improve women’s lives, from able to share the same rights as men on aspects such as freedom of choices, to able to challenge the normal ideals society had on certain structures, e.g. Family.

However as time goes by, feminism seemed divided into liberal thinker and radical thinker. Radical thinker was the kind that seemed allergic to any women outside the ideal: sex worker, women of colour…They were also famous for men hating, which resulted feminism receiving a very bad press relation with the public.

Yet Emma Watson deducted further of the situation, it is something more than what feminism can contribute, it required a great restructure from the society on ideologies over gender equality.


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