– Simone de Beauvoir –

tumblr_m8h8feSsKk1rsn3a1 simone-y-sarte 608691 10984_563346270353758_1489418762_nwpid-wp-1399334809774.jpeg

I never managed to finish Simone De Beauvoir’s “The Second Sex”,

however I managed to read a lot of her – on her life, on her relationship with Jean-Paul Sartre, her relationship with Nelson Algren and her idea of being a woman. She was a clever woman among the male students (or students in general) by getting the second top of the class in Sorbonne, she wrote relentlessly on various matters, she also wrote a lot over her own life. From her childhood where we could bring glimpse over how her views were constituted, to her perspectives on marriage, Sartre and Nelson Algren.

She shared a strong similarity as Virginia Woolf – a middle-class woman of intelligence and constantly feel women’s freedom lie with their economical situation strongly, which therefore they will have the total autonomy. In my view, their ideas were very much what many women would agree upon, as economic situation will bring liberty for their own things and therefore own happiness…

As for her personal life, I never could sincerely understand the reason behind her endurance toward Sartre. Sartre seemed in regards of his personal life a man who flew around like a bee to women, the agreement he made with Beauvoir despite in theory fair, but to me seemed more an excuse for himself not to be committed (maybe Beauvoir too?)…


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