– Tess of the d’Urberville –

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBBs5CZpxWM (2009 BBC trailer)


I remember just a simple read of the synopsis in a travel guide that record the location & sets that belonged to writers or fictional characters, for example Haworth (a small Yorkshire town) listed with Bronte Sisters. Thomas Hardy the author of Tess, belonged to Dorset areas and Salisbury. I remembered how they travel guide written in my mother-tongue, describing the unusually tragic life of Tess.

I didn’t watch Tess of the d”Urberville in one coherent style as the tragedy left me cringe after first time I tried to watch it, so it went – I decided to gain the gist of the story through wikipedia instead. Some of you would say “What the FUCK?”, but I am just too terrible watching tragedy in Tess’s level, as she left me feeling guilty over my relatively peaceful and happy life, as if she was looking at me saying “give me back my life!”

I wouldn’t be surprised she would ask, especially after all that she went through and she got very little or no support from the people she trusted and loved, who ought to have helped her at her time in need. In some ways, it reminded me of Graham Greene’s “The Heart of the Matter”, which the guy was being betrayed by his religion, the man was trying to do what the god told him was good. Yet god gave him no solution on what to amend, when the man asked for help.

The Stonehenge scene was the saddest scene I ever could watch, where it seemed to signified the things have been going on for Tess was no longer reversible, or in a sense god has left Tess once and for all. I adored Gemma Arterton for her performance on Tess, yeah I presume she would be what Tess looked like. I wasn’t fan of the male characters, as they harmed Tess so badly, but it was nice to see Angel (her so-called ex-husband) did come and help hr escape for a while…(sigh)


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