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There were two Cecil I came across when I was volunteering in Amnesty Bookshop, first one was Cecil Beaton and the other was Cecil Day-Lewis.

I began to take notice of Cecil Beaton the photographer (the only man in the photo) because of the surname that associated with a guy I knew in university, but only began to take more notice of him when seeing the picture of him in the postcard of National Portrait Gallery.

He seemed to be famous – he photographed many famous people, as if he captured the essence of the film industry’s golden times. He was also known for being multi-talented, for example his set design in different films. He also was so awesome in art context, even the royal family asked for him to take photos for them!


As for Cecil Day-Lewis the poet, very little was spoken on him – apart from he was father of Daniel Day-Lewis. I was told he was famous as a poet, but of course somehow his work was less well-known compared to ones like TS Elliot and Seamus Heaney.


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