– Twin Peaks –

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7d0Lm_31BE (Twin Peaks intro)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7a6yYN3P5l0 (Scary moments on Twin Peaks)

My partner made me watch Twin Peaks, as I seemed a fan of murder mystery. I was at first annoyed with him, over the fact that the murder mystery took two seasons to be revealed, I could’ve put up with Twin Peaks as a five hours movie!

The story began with a student Laura Palmer – her body was found by the lake, as stories goes by she turned out less than what she seemed to be, so did the residents in Twin Peaks. Everyone has their own secrets, everyone seemed guilty over something – whether related to Laura or not at all. The situations in Twin Peaks were often so mad, I felt as if watching a family drama. Also the process was so unlike ones such as Poirot or Sherlock Homles, therefore don’t bother to apply your logic into the TV drama.

Througout the show, I adored Agent Cooper – he was like one of those socially-awkward people with special habit. He loved a “Damn Fine” coffee, held strong beliefs toward his dreams on catching the murder and so it goes, everyone found him a bit of a nutter. I especially love the times when he spoke to his recorder, begin with “Diane, it’s (time, am/pm)…”

I was halfway to the end of the show, so I will say no more about the progress. The weird thing was however, seemed many of my friends either a fan or knew people who were a fan of Twin Peaks…


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