Belle Knox, Libertarianism and the politics of freedom

As we emphasized the importance of freedom on choices and individual rights, it also meant that we have to accept one’s decision to certain matter – even their choices were everything we are against. We are more than welcome to join/depart from any organization, depending on our similarities or difference with the organization/group/another individual. Yet it is very very wrong, of us to encourage public hatred and greater stigmas on people who made choices that happened to be different from our own.


First published 20/8/14 on Cliterati.

Photo credit: New York Post Photo credit: New York Post

What pops into your mind when you think of Libertarianism? (Or Classical Liberalism, if you’re from the UK). It’s about liberty- as its name suggests. Freedom from government and moral regulation, hence its socially liberal and fiscally conservative tendencies. It’s been used to justify everything from consensual incest to legalising drugs to the Snowden leaks.

So it might seem a tad surprising that Pamela J Stubbart, a Libertarian writer and member of the Libertarian media organisation Young Voices left the organisation because they accepted‘Belle Knox’, the Duke University student, sex worker and writer.

As you’ll already know, Knox was bullied and slut shamed for her job by her classmates, the media and online trolls after a fellow student and porn consumer outed her as an adult performer.  She spoke out to her university’s paper and XOJane under another…

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