– Drumming Song (F) –

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boo2Zm69fhY (Drumming Song – Florence and the Machine)



If I was to dance til death my love,

I would, my love, I would!

I would dance til death for you.

Keep your eyes on me when I dance, dance, dance!

Don’t let go of me,

or the light would dim,

and I would fade, 

then you would never see me again on this very earth, this very moment.

God be my witness,

flowers and green grass be my friend,

dance with me as if the happiness yet to leave me. 

Ghosts came out and dance as they saw me from their house,

my dear be not afraid as I would protect you, 

until the sunlight comes and send us away.

My legs were disappearing from me,

my soul was leaving me,

more and more of me gone with the wind as I danced…

The sun came and said time was up,

you gazed with tears running through like horses on the field. 

Goodbye my love, goodbye. 





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