SWOU at Edinburgh Reclaim The Night

I must admit I was quite grateful that Reclaim the Night in Edinburgh was being friendly with sex workers, often women (esp R.Feminists) would go nasty with sex workers, for R.Feminists (or possibly many women) fear the sex workers would penetrate the violence on women in all areas. And so it goes, R.Feminists felt the necessity to strengthen out the “social moral order” by going nasty with sex workers. It is very important to recognize the importance of protecting sex workers, more than just human rights, but for the benefits society would get through protecting and giving rights to sex workers. For example, the potential decline of HIV when sex workers got given rights to carry condoms with them, along with some sex education and awareness.

A Glasgow Sex Worker

Hello, I’m [pseudonym]. I’m here speaking as part of the Sex Worker Open University. We are a worker’s collective comprising current and former sex workers (and some allies). People within SWOU have done lots of different kinds of sex work, for different reasons at at different times in their lives. SWOU members do or have worked on the street, in brothels, parlours or saunas, from working flats, independently, or been dancers, strippers, worked in porn, done phone sex work … Our collective does not include bosses or managers, because although we want our managers to be decriminalised so that we can have labour rights and workplace safety, we have an analysis that holds that the interests of workers are not the same as the interests of our bosses, and so we do not include those people in our collective.

Thank you for having SWOU here. Reclaim the Night has…

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