– Hong Kong Housing –


Before being able to entitle for the public housing, my mother lived in a very small flat for half a year or nine months. 

The flats as you could see in the video above, was very very small.

Small to a point you felt as if living in a box, coffin or a cage. 

Almost impossible to move around, let alone enjoying the sense of space?

Some were too poor to afford basic living,

some were waiting for being selected by Housing Authorities to be placed in one of the public housing that would suit their desired requirement. 

Yet there was a universal pattern for those people who lived in those house, they couldn’t afford at all to buy a flat or a house for themselves.

When property tycoons built the houses or flats with prices impossible to afford, 

more and more people feeling helpless to fight for their rights to negotiate for their living condition. 



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