– Postcard of Writers/Artists –

67534_438512713106_667298106_5458660_6677480_n AVT_John-Kennedy-Toole_6910 ayn_rand_bytalbot_3001

Frontispiece_(cropped)_to_Collected_poems_of_Rupert_Brooke_with_a_Memoir_1918 George_Eliot_7 Harriet_Mill_from_NPG



Henry_James_by_John_Singer_Sargent_cleaned John Steinbeck The_Brontë_Sisters_by_Patrick_Branwell_Brontë_restored

VirginiaWoolf wyndham_lewis originals_2144-jean_rhys_300dpi


While working/volunteering in Books for Amnesty, one of my favorite thing about the place was collecting the postcards of famous artists or writers. Once in a while Amnesty International would send bookshops different packs of postcards, from scientific pictures to portraits of famous writers or artists, from the world or British. 

I often found myself furiously collecting them ever since I first entered the shop, seeing the portraits of different novelists such as Eileen Chang Ai-Ling (author of Love in the Fallen City), Ayn Rand (the author of Atlas Shrugged) and various kind of people. At times the postcards enable me to come across names of artists or writers who I never known exist at all, beside appreciating the beauty of the portraits.







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