– Male Sex Workers –

Are we doing enough to protect male sex workers?

In sex work industry, women sex workers in different type would always be the first that comes to people’s mind, especially the street sex workers – they carried the most iconic image as someone negotiating prices with someone in the car. Occasionally the image of “Belle de Jour” – women who provide their services in a more classy settings such as hotel.

However it is also true male sex workers do exist, for example: Male Escort Stories & Britain’s Most Expensive Male Escort

Yet because of the population ratio compared to women, they often less get chances of voicing up. It is also believed/rumoured that charities or radical feminists have a strong preference to remain sex workers as “the ones who were under the thumb” of men. This would be especially beneficial for Radical Feminists, because of their distrust and dislike of men. “Sex work policies are driven by concerns about women as workers and when males are thought of in relation to sex work it is generally as clients. Male workers tend to be ignored, perhaps largely because they are less visible to mainstream society.” Thomas Crofts a contributor of essays on male sex work commented in Telegraph, he pointed out that men often seen as the client when talk of sex work, which resulted not just the difficulties for them to be visible but also the same amount of risks as any sex workers in general such as STIs and violence. The types of violence male sex workers often received were based mostly on homophobia, for mostly their decisions to go to sex work gone against the idea of masculinity even some male sex workers served women too.

As a result there are 2 BIGGEST ISSUES I felt need a proper addressing (which I presume some already are working on them):

1. Recognition of Male Sex Workers (& other types of sex workers such as trans)’s existence

2. Able to equip them the knowledge and support for preventing violence and caring for personal safety


(Book: http://harringtonparkpress.com/male-sex-work-and-society-2014/)




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