– Lecture of A.Morgan, On Mysteries, 21st Oct 2014 –

(the man with black hair = Anthony Morgan)


Today under the persuasion from my colleague in Books for Amnesty Joan, I went with her to a lecture set by Newcastle Philosophy Society. A lecture about mysteries, Monsieur Anthony Morgan was the speaker. My curiosity was also fueled by Joan’s description of Monsieur Morgan as “a very handsome man”, I am afraid I have trouble being immune to beautiful men.

Before the lecture began – I was privileged for a glimpse of the library inside the Philosophy Society, it was a library that every Belle-like girl (Beauty and the Beast) would dream of having, especially with the beautiful spiral staircase. We then went down to the basement room for the lecture, there were a lot of people in the room, many knew the speakers or had been involved together for works regarding Philosophy Society. 

The theme focus on mystery and its relationship with philosophy, Monsieur Morgan recite some of the passages and explain his thoughts toward such relationship. He referred a lot of the passages from Martin Heidegger, a famous German philosopher whom was known to me not just his support for Nazi and his relationship with a philosopher I liked, Hannah Arendt. Monsieur Morgan spoke of Heidegger’s idea that philosophers seemed failed to question the nature of  being (aka what being is), when philosopher tried to question the beings in this world.  Philosophers that I also have heard through Monsieur Morgan’s description such as Russell seemed struggle to accept that there are things one bound not to know, such as paranormal matters.

The lecture was interesting to me – because of 1) it shown the totality human wanted to achieve over things we do not know, as Michel Foucault would argue human achieve a sense of control over knowledge, which therefore would bring them a sense of control and security. 2) It questioned the limits on human capacity of knowledge, as we “colonize” the unknown of things throughout the centuries, where are the limits – is there a limit? I was privileged also to enjoyed hearing many interesting points within the discussion, there were a lot of references over Eastern Philosophy without much to doubt. For example a lady from Iran referenced a lot of points with Arabic studies, or a gentleman whose points were heavily influenced by Taoism. 


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