– Sex Worker, Custody, State –

State gave him the power to the man who murdered the Sex Worker

Sex Worker being killed by the Man court gave full custody of her children to

Sex Worker Organization’s Statement on the Sex Worker’s Death

There was a sex worker call Pettie Jasmine, you might not know her name, but you would know if you study the community of sex workers long enough. The reason I said so, as she was a sex worker who got killed by the father of her children. The most chilling fact in this case was, the court considered her unfit as a parent for her children because of the occupation, therefore place the children under the care of the father – who had a history of violence.

[After her house had been stormed by social workers and her children forcibly taken into custody] … I was subjected to an investigation which in a desperate way tried to find all those signs that they already from the start were convinced would be there, because I had been selling sex. Drug abuse, sexual abuse, emotional disturbance. They had a difficult time finding any of this, but it should certainly be known that they tried.

This quote shown the stereotype of understanding in sex work within the public – especially when sex work related to images such as drug abuse and emotional disturbance, because of the possibilities that the images that media portrayed on sex workers (therefore policies taken into consideration with when implementing, instead of looking at the ACTUAL researches). Along with possible cases of actual exploitation, as a result it would be logical for people to fear.

However the one thing I don’t understand is, if the sex workers shown no signs of these issues above, wouldn’t she be much safer than a man with history of violence? Wouldn’t children go into foster care of some kind would be better options, if sex works might be difficult to have people persuaded for suitable, and the man was proved to be equally or more dangerous for his history of violence?

As it turned out if you live in the land of Sweden – as Sweden decided that sex work was very much illegal (part from sex workers are allowed to sell sex, everything else from kerb-crawling to advertising are very much illegal in Sweden law), sex workers not just live under the reduced safety, but also a huge deal of stigma from society. However the stigma was long existed before we realized it, then here comes these question –

How did the judge or the court judge the safety of the children?

Which one would be more dangerous – sex workers or someone with history of violence?




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