Open Letter to the Modern Slavery Bill Committee

[Please write to the MPs now!]
“You need not have to agree with people’s choices to sell or buy sexual services, but you MUST accept these choices and must restrain yourself from introducing laws that endanger people selling sex, even more so if there is no sufficient evidence that the measure would successfully make any prevention regards to the declared aim to reduce human trafficking.
Therefore if you really want to protect sex workers and concerned for their well-beings, don’t give in to misguided bill proposals based on morality. As Justice Minister David Ford pointed out ahead of the vote in the assembly: It’s not about morals. It’s about how to best address the issues.”

We all know that sex work can’t be stopped, no matter how the law tried to stop over the years.

So instead of more mistakes on policies being made, we should think again over the decisions on the policies.

Research Project Korea

Palace of Westminster (Source Wikipedia)Palace of Westminster, London (Photo:Wikimedia Commons)

In response to a call by the English Collective of Prostitutes, I sent the following letter to the chair and all members of the Modern Slavery Bill Committee at the House of Commons of the United Kingdom.

Dear Mr Field, Dear Mr McDonnell,
and Dear Members of the Joint Committee on the Draft Modern Slavery Bill,

Without a doubt, you will receive plenty of emails containing objections to clauses of the Modern Slavery Bill, and I’m afraid this is another one. I am a German doctoral researcher at Queen’s University Belfast, where my focus lies on prostitution regulation in my native Germany. Over the last years, I have conducted research into measures to prevent human trafficking in the Mekong Sub-region and human rights abuses against sex workers in South Korea, resulting from Korea’s Anti-Sex Trade Law.

Recently, I had…

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